There is a cloud up there,
Grey its color, blue it makes,
Admist it be no light,
To show way out as guide,
Linger any longer it must not,
Question now is,


If there was one that we can use to make prominent things mundane in life... Okay, there are many ways actually... But this post is just a rant.. Seems like my need to rant has increased in exponential magnitude of late... So here I go, rant... rant rant... rant rant.. ranty rant the rantness ranted rant... ran-ified... me-rant...

Okay... I am done for now...

On a side note, been loving the rain the past two days. Though it means that the car park at work (which is a field) is gonna mess up me car tires...

So well.. Happy weekend =D (soo



Is awesome!!

Always been my fav doode... 
Hulk is awesome too...
But spidy got intelligent humor, and sarcasm... 
So gooo spidy!!!!!