Blowin steam

Much annoyed with certain ideas which have been passed on without proper evidence. Though there may be some truth to them, unproven and constantly forced onto people does not make it acceptable.However, its sad to be stuck in such a rut. Been trying hard to re-direct the wheels elsewhere, but that effort is next to trying to jar a piece of a rainbow. Which has lead to much frustration on my side, and it came to a point where I just had to burst. Don't like that it happened, nor do I wish to repeat it. So this is one for a quick turnover and a lightspeed chillout!

Alrighty, on and ahead to face the day... rawr!!!

I has Fireeeh

Not fierce, only timid. A lil peek out of the shelter after so long a time. A glint of hope, whole load of fear and uncertainty. It does feel good to feel like this again. But questions remain questions, for I have always had issues of having enough balls to clear em out.

Well, we are where we are and where we head to depends to a large part on ourselves. Here is one for the adventure, for if it does take off it will be a helluva ride. 

Post Vacation Stress Disease (PVSD)

This is a very real condition. Known to affect almost the entire known human population. Unfortunately, there is no known effective treatment for it. But to help overcome the symptoms, one may try to take half day off works or indulge in planning for another trip. However that will come to the expense of having work pooled up which will then lead to the "i have too much to do" disease.

So I send this request to anyone who knows how to properly manage this condition. HELP MEE!!!!


That which pierces right through flesh, into the very core of one's soul. That stare that renders one frozen and bare. Knowing that those pair just saw them through for what one really is , and yet there was only traces of care that can be seen in return. Seeing the glint in them warms one up from the cold that haunts. That gives hope, there is still light. And it is still possible, for days to be merry.

Those eyes... where are they??

Scumbag nose!!!

So yeah, its the weekend and all. Me thinking Imma gonna pig all day long, maybe go out and have a lil jog and  get me some workout and sh$t... BUT NO!! I had to get the sniffles...

Sneezed all day long, got tired sneezing... No rest... Too lazy for a jog... Went on a D3 marathon....



Tonight is christina perri's concert!! And it also happens to be my first ever concert!!! Wee!!
All the you tube material gathered about her has been real promising. She seems to be one artist who is actually genuine in talent rather than the throng of "fabricated" with gadgets and technology artists that we have nowadays. I pray that tonight that is justified.

Only one thing about her bugs me, that she did a soundtrack for Twilight.. meh... so I often choose not to listen to that song as much as I could help it.

So, here is to a great night!! cheers to meself!!

Of being ill

I have not been one to be sick for long. Yes my nose does have serious issues with me, but that does not count. This is about being ill for longer than usual and more frequently too. I'm talking about having the need to take antibiotics! And I never take those things so far as I could help myself.

Why is this so?? Because of work? That is actually possible simply for the fact that the deadliest and most persistent of bugs are present where I work, the hospital. Pardon me if this comes as a surprise to any of you. But that is why is never advisable to bring children ESPECIALLY toddlers when visiting warded patients. This is supposed to be a place where bugs get eradicated you argue? Well, the fact that we use so much anti-infectives to fight those bugs is the reason why they are getting IMMUNE to them!!

So please!! For the love of yourself and everyone dear to you! Please don't go about taking antibiotics or other anti infectives without regard to consequences. And when the healthcare professionals tell you to FINISH the anti-infectives, we LITERALLY mean FINISH it!! Or else a day sooner than you expect will arise when our drugs will be useless...

Uh got sidetracked there, back to the main topic. Yeah me getting sick. Perhaps because I am exposed to certain drugs that bring down immunity?? Perhaps age is catching up?? This city is more polluted?? Funny how when I was an intern in another hospital this was not at all an issue to me, and that was only the past year.

Anyway, this was meant only as a rant... And I shall quit ranting now... =)