Just like that

Its amazing how ordinary everything and everyone around us are. In fact, in general most of the things that we see complicated are merely just our own deduction of the simple.

When you wake up from that dream, it suddenly just hits you that everything was always and still is as simple as you expected it to be. Only thing was the thought of "it couldn't be this simple, it doesn't make sense" that made it look blown out of proportion complicated.

Another golden nugget to those who seek answers...
Many more out there... each a piece of the puzzle... one that leads to fulfillment... cuz perfection is just a fairy tale..



So I found these kids on you tube...
They wont need any description from me...

U listen to one of these on days that u feel down and u'll simply just soar right back up to the top...
Or any days infact... gawwwwd.... I wanna produce kids like these someday...



I am putting off sleep to make an entry here... See I was feeling guilty that I haven't updated in the last few days. And fatigue was more to blame than laziness this time round.

Although things are mundane as ever, I somehow am starting to fill my cup half full rather than half lookin at it half empty.

Still am failing to catch a sunrise (or even a sunset) at the beach here... So much for "I can't find things to do"... well, i am a human =P

Saw surfers catching the wave last week. But not like the waves you see in shows or what... Looked more like a baby wave... Like it was just enough to support surfing... lol...

Now I think there is actually one thing that I am very capable of being consistent at...... which would be to be inconsistent =P



Hello and a wee morning bloggy =)

Didn't quite greet people over there cuz I believe there aren't many people who read this. At least at this hour at which I am typing this out. Which happens to be a quarter to 5 in the morning.

Why am I still up?
Cuz I am working...

Why am I not doing my work?
Well, cuz there isn't any to be done atm....

So yea, I m here trying to master my already half asleep mind to come out with the usual random nonsense.

Katy perry's firework just came on the radio...
Which reminded me that I've been neglecting something that I am quite fond lately. No its not a girl... Hell no its not a guy!

I am not really against the gay community but I am against myself being one.

Losing consciousness... Eye lids heavy.... Hope things stay quiet for a bit longer.... zzzz



Good evening and welcome I address myself to this lil freaky virtual wall on which I am about to type out random stuff.

Its always a breath of fresh air when there is change of scenes and I find that its like a booster dose of "lift me up". Maybe that's why people say one has to go on a holiday to refresh that energy. I actually thought that was more of an excuse to laze from work and get oneself time to play. Or perhaps its a bit of both.

Imma take a short few lines here to express my condolences to the Japanese on the recent mishap. I shall include them in my prayers. And perhaps do a little more than that.

Shit happens, whatever the magnitude. But we as men are made to stand back up tall from the ashes of despair. For we are the best personification of phoenix that can ever be. So its okay if u must be sorrow now as humans do. Let not sorrow be you, for that marks the end.

And a note to those who are insensitive in the ails which others have the misfortune to experience. I say please oh please put yourself in their shoes. Or maybe you just pretend not to care which is not enough consolation (telling that last part to myself as well =P). It is even okay if it doesnt move you, another's ill times. Just please don't make intended fun or mockery out of it.
Not just cuz karma will find you for it, but hey.... have a <3



Oh hi there, been a while ain't it. So, how are things?

And then it goes back to same old-same old, awkward silences. Uncomfortable stares, someone should say something but one often waits and hopes another does it to break the silence.
Someone eventually does, but fails to carry it through and they end up back to where they started.

Once in a there would be ones who are so apt at keeping it lively, the rest would wonder how some find it so easy. Little they know of what's in the minds that they awe, maybe it was nervousness which pushed them to act. I am just speculating.

Yet sometimes its you who does the magic. Live seems to flow in your very veins. Charm everyone in the vicinity with so much ease. Then you go wishing if only you could be so always. Not long after, you find yourself where you began, lost....

Meh moments

Meh... just like that... These moments come to everyone thought not everyone would term them at "meh" And I am not going to define my perception on the meh moment cuz honestly I don't know how to. But there will be times where I'd realise that its just so "meh". Perhaps I should write it down and once I gather a collection of such moments in ink I could then go on to derive what "meh" is to me.

Gotta hunt for them fun things to do or rather look for the fun which I've failed yet to realize. That is probably due to me (and everyone else) looking for things what we think are elsewhere.

Me fishies have been left hungry (points to the left) and so I guess imma end it here n go toss them a bite or two... (you could too, just click on the box/lake/watever)


Wee hours in the mornings has always been the most peaceful of times (for me, and other nocturnals I presume).

Maybe because most of everyone else is asleep or perhaps because most of those that make the day quite unbearable are not around.

Maybe because the sweet chill of the night opposed to the stressing heat of the day sets the mood to a more serene state of mind.

Maybe because its just so quiet, just so calm that the mind gets to explore itself free.

Or maybe because I am in-fact a people hating anti-social psychopath....

In any case, I am going back to more serious things atm.... heh