Hello and a wee morning bloggy =)

Didn't quite greet people over there cuz I believe there aren't many people who read this. At least at this hour at which I am typing this out. Which happens to be a quarter to 5 in the morning.

Why am I still up?
Cuz I am working...

Why am I not doing my work?
Well, cuz there isn't any to be done atm....

So yea, I m here trying to master my already half asleep mind to come out with the usual random nonsense.

Katy perry's firework just came on the radio...
Which reminded me that I've been neglecting something that I am quite fond lately. No its not a girl... Hell no its not a guy!

I am not really against the gay community but I am against myself being one.

Losing consciousness... Eye lids heavy.... Hope things stay quiet for a bit longer.... zzzz