It is much interesting to;

Find clarity in confusion,
Peace amidst all the havoc,
Love surviving the fog of hate,
Room to breathe with little air left,
Caring heart surviving self-interest,

Or are they merely just illusions.

p/s - yes emo mood lately =P



This was said by one agent smith from the first matrix movie. Well, somesort as I dont quite recall the exact words, nevertheless the meaning is there.

"Humans are like viruses, they go to a new place and they breed and use up all the resources in that area and then move to another place. They are as cancer is to humans, they are a plague, a disease to this planet"

Now how true is that? Look at wherever humans reside, the more we progress (multiply) the more we suck dry the earth that surrounds us. Just like how a virus enters a cell and uses its machinery and the resources given to that cell to manufacture more viral bodies to be released into the blood stream to repeat the process. And at the same time spreading out to find more human/other suitable animal body to infect.

Although there is one major difference, we as humans can reason. Whereas the viruses/bacteria/other parasites pathological or not, only know that they have to survive by the means that which they are capable of or hard-wired in their genetic make,  often which is limited. We however somehow only made to reason for us alone. Despite that we can think of better ways to be in harmony with the earth that surrounds us.

Yes for most parts, choosing to not hurt the planet may mean less comfort and facilities. Back when we were much more primitive, back when we knew little of comfort and wants instead of needs, we did less damage to earth I believe. 

No change is going to happen, even if it does. It would be by so little a number that the effect would be not significant. That is what has become of us. Just hope earth doesn't come up with an anti-human antibody. Like that show "the happening" which sucked for a movie, but the idea can really occur. Natural self defence. Just like how our bodies deal with organisms that which try to harm.

Some thoughts to ponder....






Okay, just needed to vent out a little there... Back to what I was doing...


Never ending

Another time to part. Though may be reluctant, its unavoidable. Yet, I carry away something new each time. Allows me to wait for the next in whole. Its never the end, and its never the same. But it most surely can turn for the better =)



Came across several people doing ratings on various things ranging from movies, books, songs to whatever else under the blue sky. And I was like, I wanna do a rating too. Cuz erm, I just want to. And so it was decided a second later that my rate will be on "whatever"

Doesn't really matter to me if it does not make any sense. However, if it really did not then I may have achieved in.... er... nothing.... hmmm. No, I m not drunk nor am I high on pills or anything else of that sort.

So yes, I rate watever 9/10. Because it is just that awesome.

Imagine when you are in a situation where there is simply too many choices. Just go whatever and pick one by random.

What if you happened to come across retards who mock about what you wear, eat, look like, the color of your skin, race or anything insulting. Just take a deep breath, say whatever lah and just keep going about your business. Or if u think u are up for it, bash the living hell outta him/her/them/it (No please don't do this, I m an advocate of peace)

Then there this annoying/fun way of saying whatever. E.G. whutever *fingers pointing and rolling*, whuuteverrrr *eyes-rolling* (yeah i think you get my point) That itlsef is just so whatever wei...

Well, I can actually go on and on about this but I am in a whatever mood myself so Imma stop right here.


I love you so...

You're just too good to be true,
Can't keep my mind off of you,
You feel like... er... okay... plagiarising can only go so far...

But its true that you're stuck in my head. So many moments gladly gone to waste, wondering when again the time would when your presence could be company and me with you. Its also true that the thought of you sometimes is the cause for negligence of duties. The longing runs in my veins, suffocates my breaths, renders me to delirium and saps me of the very life force. (damn drama weiiii, bagi muka abit... testing emo/romantic wanna type) All that be left behind now... Cuz i'm coming home to.... to where I belong.... to you...

KL =)



What is one that has been appointed to snitch about the snitch who has snitched out some words to somewhere (now is tht valid I dont know)

But infact the snitch was the one who snitched??



Been too long since I a had a good book with me. Helps to brush up dying language within me. That little breath of air, to rejuvenate =)

Talking about air, finally managed to get some room to breathe. Perhaps after escaping from the suffocation that was, laziness crept its ugly hide up my spine. No matter, I shall let it blanket me for now and indulge in the bliss of procrastination. Almost everyone know that this be a dangerous act, as its like the pill which gives you the high for awhile only to find yourself unable to function without it, gets you hooked. That is just a cautionary line for meself to reflect upon.


When it rings

Reach for me whenever and I will answer,
Ask me politely and I will do so too,

I know what you do is tough,
Even the thought of it wears me down,

But that is not an excuse,
However much this gets in your way,

For you to behave against your oath,
Let it not merely be words out of your lips,

Lest I will be forced to remind you,
In ways that may break my own oath,

Because when I forced past my limit,
All of hell gets loose....

Spongebob drypants

Never liked that cartoon... Just had this special dislike over it all along... Annoys me to bits... I feel like ripping him off bit by bit and feed him to the fires of my kitchen stove....

Pardon the violence, much latent heat I got stored. Can't quite find a proper outlet, yet. Suggestions?

Me decided to take time off tonight... Like that lazy song with monkeys dancing all over. Only difference this time is, it does not fall under procrastination any more.

I take my leave,
Good evening people =)