Damn the bloody imbalanced crappy stuff in my head....

-needs peace-


Been quite a season of goodbyes. Emotions running so high that it seems to engulf and drown people. Its unfortunate that partings take place. However, that's just the way the book of what you call your life is written. Its pages are filled with heartbreaks and goodbyes. It's only a goodbye, and it doesn't have to be for eternity unless anyone lets it be so. Though the bond that once was may not be there any more, it can be kept from severing completely.

Wipe away the tear of seeing that someone go, and instead carve a smile for this new direction your tie takes. Make yourself a promise that what bond that was nurtured will not be left to rot and die. Its not the complete end, Its just another beginning.

I wish you the very best in the journey that now separates paths with mine. May we be blessed with a chance to cross again sometime. And the lord has my thanks, for I had the fortune to meet one like you. Take care.



A little high comes by without being induced externally. It feels the same, and I guess is harmful just as much. One reason why so many seek the high, is for the clarity it gives. Of perhaps just the illusion of it.

Have a need to get things in check. Everything seems amok right now. Time is unfortunately no one's friend, even more so to me.

That on hold... time for the sack



Became a little suffocating to look for that which was lost. And then you wonder, why look for it at all? Was it because of the comfort, or the security or the way it used to fulfill the image that you thought was appropriate for the time? A fatal flaw was made when the quest to look for it began. Its simply because it was not missing to start with, but because its already gone. Its not anywhere out there to be found again, its nowhere. Just like the dreams that you wished never ended, just to find yourself awaken abit too soon. It is gone, learn that.

What comes next is of more importance. There lies exactly what anyone needs to be as close if not live one of those dreams that we long to slumber on with. Go on, let go of the things of old. But before what comes next is now itself. Don't fail to see as u let yourself get obscured by what was. Go on, there lies your dream. Right here.


My closest friends have a knack of reminding me what an idiot i was...
Its a good thing, cuz I see now how much less an idiot I am...
Then again they go on to highlight the idiot I am now....
Always good to know where I must change =)

Though at times, certain things are not within my reach to do so....
For others, I will... at my own sweet pace =P


Stripped and Bare

Not about the furs, the leathers, the brands or the labels.
Not even about the make up, the hairdo or any accessories.
Not about acting up a character which is not true.
Not about changing not for the better but to fit in comfortably.
Not for what the rest would say or think.

I could go on with that for a little more.
But I think you get what I mean.
I hope the message went through.

Take it all off, wash away all that paint.
Let me see you.
For what you really are.
That's all I am asking.
If what I see then is pure.
In return, I swear my all.

But I'm no idiot too.
Put some of it back on.
Just to an end you need to meet.
Cuz this world we live in.
Wont leave you be otherwise.

Don't worry too much then.
That little is all you need now.
Cuz you will have me for the rest.



Ahh some rest from the weekend =)

Hungry for so many things...
Gonna get em one by one...

On an unrelated note, halfway mark has been reached...
Edging closer to another turning point....

Let me return....



This blog is turning into my twitter...

Y not twitter???

I don't fancy it... at least for now =)

Everyone is complaining about the heat....
I on the other hand wonder how cold people can get....
Oh well, where there is shortage of love..
Let us play our part and add a lil bit =)


Kid once more

So much of the cartoons are turned now to movies... I m talking about those from my childhood... Proves just one thing, those that grew up with those cartoons.... Didn't really grow up after all =)

Magical time the childhood we had =)


Just clips

Own stuff got drained again =)