Hallo people... I'm going to pretty inactive for 3 weeks... I am hardly here as it is now, lol...
All the best to all pharmers =) and any1 else for that fact =)
So... brb =D

No Strings Attached

I'm pretty sure that many have come across this idiom "no strings attached", it basically means no obligations/requirements/limitations/rules etc etc that "ties" one up to something (or someone). This week's topic is that cuz Wimax literally has no strings attached, this will prolly remind many of their "sudah potong" adverts. So yeah, if you people don't like too much "commitments" with internet use, you guys can use this thing here...

So anyways, what would you think of living life without strings?? I think, if that ever happened all hell will get loose on earth and that would probably mark the start of apocalypse!! Why? Cuz we humans are animals by instinct (well, we ARE animals to start with), and within each one of us there is this wild beast which is only being kept in control with all the rules and commitments that society has established. Once there is no such thing to bind our actions and behaviors, what would anyone do? When everything that one does is right? You can kill, steal, wreck havoc, sleep around (with people, animals, and... heaven knows even with things) and the list goes on... There will be no law or order anywhere.... But, i do kinda like the idea a lil... heh...

On the contrary, too much control is not good as well. If you have so much restrictions to follow by as you live, you'd prolly be no different then a computer or a robot (only works within the scope of programming). You'll eventually get bored(duh?), worn-out, mundane, depressed (unless if u are some inhumane freak that actually likes living so) and one fine day you might just snap or snap some1 else (either way is still baaad). There will be times that you have to say no to commitments, ESPECIALLY if its too much for you to handle. Live outside the box a little, do some crazy things once in a while (bungee jump, sky dive, paradrop etc etc), go out and get wasted one night =) , go help some charity programs etc etc... Go live life!!

So in the end? Balance is the most important thing... Like yin and yang =)
Most importantly!! Just fregging BE yourself, you dont have to confine urself in a shell that you "think" society will like or accept or act macho/cool/gangsta or whatshit cuz all that is just gonna screw u up in the end.
Have some control, not too much.. Have some free will, not too much.. live by this.. and you'll prolly do just fine =)

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My Favourite Sport

I saw this week's topic and loved it =D Sports is something that I really love and cant really go on too long without (yea, I actually get withdrawal symptoms for not playing sports... symptoms include cravings, stiffening of muscles, lethargy, and cravings to play). If I don't go on and sweat the crap out playing one game or two, getting injured here and there, chillin out with other guys who often play together I just feel like I lost a part of me *emo*

So anyways, what sport?? I play quite a lot of stuff if I get the chance... Football (once in a very very blue moon), futsall, table tennis, badminton, some other random sports aaaannnnd Basketball!!! I just freggin love bouncing balls *heh, that sounded wrong* I am just average at it but still I totaly *heart* Basketball!!! I love it!! L-o-v-e it!!! (I think you guys got d point =D)

This game really demands a lot of stamina, and speed, and strength, and teamwork, and concentration and... bla bla bla... =D Basketball is also a pretty rough game, there is alot of aggressive play in most games played. Trying to steal possession, or hold a drive in, or smack the shit outta a shot ball to avoid it from entering, clashing with each other trying to get rebounds, running into someone else cuz u cant stop in time =S And I have inflicted much injuries to my joints and muscles (yea, its gonna come back n bitch me once i grow old) but it was all WORTH it!! Heh, jz take a look at these pics =)

And when its basketball, everyone knows about dunking!!
Photobucket EPIC!!

(all pictures are from google image search)
and *wait for it*
Photobucket EPIC-EST XXD
heh, no people i cant really slam, this was taken at my friend's place (his basketball rim is short enough for me to do that =D)

And shah gave me this link the other day... just have a look guys =)

Oh yea, if you play sports... you gonna need some of these stuff =)
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Me 1st pay =)

This fella came in the mail last friday =D Heh, my first official cheque from Nuffnang. Since it seems like a ritual for every nuffnangers to post up their first pay, i decided to honor the tradition..

on an unrelated note... This is my classmate fooling around one day when we were waitin for our survey photocopies =S (yeah guys, its KP and me at school of music playing "PEPI" in B major)

On another unrelated note.. I m pretty sure many of you nuffnangers got an email about the current clicking activity in blogsphere. In light of preserving our own sakes as well as those who are paying us (i mean nuffnang by that), i request fellow bloggers to only click the adds which appear in my blog if they are interested in it and not with any other intentions. I shall do the same for other bloggers I visit.
May we all continue to reap the benefits from nuffnang =D
p/s: i'll post up a disclaimer on this soon

Notice : MIA

err, wont be replying much msgs or bwalkin till sat.. needa sort some things out... sorry if i dont reply ur comments n msgs... be back as soon as i can =D cheers people