Okay so I m older then I was but m pretty sure I ain't that old to grow weary quickly. Might be the lack of sleep or the general monotone of this place. Speaking of which I should prolly turn in instead of typing this in, however two days if let to be will grow to weeks n months leading to another vegetative state.

Words can go crazy out of perspective and original meaning. A lesson which eludes me regardless of the times it comes back in a manner not intended. Or perhaps its just the incomprehensible and vague me. Ought to look into that a little more seriously, for time for kidding is passing quick (maybe already has).

Islands n people!! I await thee~



Feels good this way. Too bad it ain't an off day tomorrow. Else I'd relish this moment, that those that have felt know of. Many unfortunately overdo it, as humans are almost never about moderation (myself included at times, maybe more than I realize) which then leads to a not so pretty perception of the whole idea.

In fact, most of what we think is unhealthy or of actions which bear no fruit to us are only so because we tend to over do things. Of course there are certain things which are a total no-no regardless of however small it was (for example, a sadist)

So I say, its okay to do a little wrong as the general thought goes. But be wary about what you are doing, cuz when you overdo its only yourself to blame.


Takes @ the beach

So I drop by this beach every now and then.





Its not a great beach but heck is better than none at all. Best part is, its like right next to where I work. So if its not for me being lazy, I could hang there more often. The wind over here is pretty strong though, and for all the times I've been there it always has been windy. Cool way to chill a bit after work heh =)

Now have a look at this, what an idea for a deco...

And it was the one at the curve...
Lamp-head-horse. It makes the horse more like a joke. Oh well...



Sometimes we lose touch with many things as times passes by. And most often they are the things which actually help us in a positive manner. However, we seem to have the habit of holding on to things which bring us down.

So we should take some time every week at least, to look back on the things that were good for us. Rekindle those, and observe what in ourselves that which drags us down. Let go of the latter.

Next, change when it comes to people is almost never overnight. Take it in baby steps and stick with what you do. Nothing may seem to change at all when one does it. But wait till a month or two and look back, and I bet that the change might even be more than what one expected initially.

All it takes is a little perseverance and small steps =)


At times...

It comes up every now and then to everyone. More often to some, less to others. I'm talking about things that happen which one wishes didn't. From the littlest to ones that we feel we cant bare at all.

But most people forget at that time that these times and whatever that which happened will come to pass. Just as good times and good things. The way one handles that particular moment will make all the difference. I am annoyed now, cuz something happened. Its not a big thing, nothing I can't get sorted out. But still I cant help but to feel the negativity which arose due to it. Oh well, that's as far as it goes.

Okay, so now I am hungry... Gotta go get some food to stop my GI from mogok-ing when I m sleeping =P



Wish everyone un-attached a very happy single awareness day!!
As for those already in relationships, well... I hope you have fun too =P

Show some love people.. this world soooo needs some.
Smile at random, let ppl know u can be a little crazy.
And yet that crazy act you did probably made someone feel better.

For them haters, well.... They love to hate... For their sakes... I hope hate does not love them as much...

For some of them weeping in a corner of their rooms, crying under the blanket to sleep and other practicers of self loathing. People, you have my sympathy. I hope you get well soon, if you don't please get well later or go find help.. cuz its out there.

Party hard! Go live life! Drive for no reason! Stare at the beach! Look up at the stars from a hilltop behind your house!

okay.. imma retire... gotta let me wirings rest before work =)


They were black and white

Got to start something that I've wanted to try for far too long. I know all the too well that I mostly wont be into it as much in the times to come, same old, same old. Though it wont be as much as a slack as the same old used to be, I know that too. I'm improving =)

Things have been light the past two days, for no apparent reason. One that I can see by the least. I welcome it, and a little part of me hopes it stays so even as my logical side of the head keeps yelling that it wont last. But hey, no harm in reaping the best out of it yeah =)

Abit to the emo side now (already??). Racial tension seems to be showing itself more to me the past few days as well. I know that it is nothing new or that the situation did not just suddenly escalate. Only that I've been more perceptive towards it recently.
And as usual I think its a big load of cockroach droppings...
Cuz people as people are and always have been will love to put crap on others who are different exteriorly and I personally belief that they do so because them tards are so insecure inside that beating down others to shame makes them feel worth something.

Meh, I m not bothered... I dont giv a damn bout these tards... Let Karma (yin yang or watever other term u can think of) play its part... cuz bitches, what goes around, comes around... don't buy it??? try it... cuz I know how it can soak you up good =)

G' evening

I should be asleep..

Cuz of the tasks that I must attend to in the later coming hours..
Thought to drop a few lines before I do. To make it a habit to type things in here, even if its nothing substantial.

Just to see if I would improve in it by doing it repetitively... I think Aristotle said something like that before and if memory serves it goes "we are what we do repeatedly, excellence is therefore not an act but a habit"

May I cultivate myself the excellence of blogging diligently....

And in time may it grow to blogging excellent contents =)


Chain kids

We all tend to confuse our rationality every now and then. It may be simple as getting worked up about an event in a day where in actual fact there was no need for worry, may be us refusing to accept nor see logical explanation just cuz we are too emotional (like when u are angry or madly in love), or hold on to or take into account superstition.

Was at dinner wit a bunch of friends earlier and one person told us about how another friend of hers showed her this "trick" which will predict exactly how many kids one would get, the gender, and in what order. Somewat like those "tricks" we all used to play back in primary skewl days predicting some of the same stuff (kids, lovers, wealth etc etc).

Of course there is no logic behind it, but we decided to giv it a go for the heck of it. And to our surprise the results were the same for each person at every repeat of the "trick" and doesn even change when another person re-performs it!! Now whats left is simply to wait and see if its worth any.... or as some of them planned, to test it out on their parents or random ppl with children.

Again, we know its all hokum... but the way it repeats itself is uncanny =S
So yeah, we are intrigued... and lets just see if its true..... if it isnt.... oh what the heck, we had a good laugh out of it already =)

Guessin how many kids I m having???
keep guessing...



Might wanna change how i blog..
what was not now will be,
not more than i want to,
so hopes me,
whose lacking the usual do...
meh... i cant rhyme... but no harm trying... and i enjoy making a fool of meself...
*does a random dance*

maybe the newer posts will do my title justice.... or perhaps even more than,
Just a lil freaky =)



simply just about what to post... ideas, ideas.. where art thou....
looking... looking....
sure as hell I will find it....
cuz when i need to, i have to....
thats the only way unfortunately...