I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Hey people this is your chance for a shot at limelight!!! Guess what?? There is opportunity for you, yes you!! (yooouuuuu *voice trails off)!! To be a part of Project Alpha!!

Huh?! No idea what project alpha is? Well it is Malaysia's
first online reality TV series that gives viewers a look into the lives of Malaysia’s top bloggers. For more info you guys can check out this link http://projectalphagroup.ruumz.com/Groups/
That site will give you all the info you need to kickstart your journey for a shot at Project Alpha 3 as a guest blogger!!!

Okay, once you got that done, next question is how??!!
If you are just new at blogging, or you are flabbergasted thinking what you can do to get noticed I have here some pointers which may be helpfull =)

Firstly, do your homework!!
Go have a look on entries made by other to give yourself a general idea of what your competition is (know your enemies *getting a lil overboard*). This will also help stimulate you and give you ideas on what you can do.

Next, know yourself!!
Everyone has their own "unique-ness" so, look for yours!!! Often most, things that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd will get you noticed faster. Be it singing, dancing, talking(=.=), sick at stand-ups, nut-head, pot-head (this might screw you up though) just flaunt watever you are good at!!! Incase you think you might not have anything special about you, think again!!! Still cant come up with anything!!?? Well, go ahead and do something crazee!!! Remember! The more weird you are the more interesting you become!! (Not too crazy though, that'll freak people out). Like what you ask?? Go and take a video of you doing a ballroom dance with your dog!? Go to a mall and read out some motivational poems out loud n get your friends to tape you!? Just be random (and lame) lol =D

Third, Marketing!!!
This is by far the most important step yet. You may be talented, you may have an awesome blog and wicked personality but all is in vain if you don't sell yourself!! No way you'll get chosen (or even be noticed) if you're unknown. So, how to boost your popularity?? Here are some tips... =D

Get a chatbox, go blogwalk to others and randomly visit other blogs through nuffnang and blogs of your friends, and friend's friends, and friend's friend's friend's (and friend's...... friend's X N)

Participate in events organized by blogger communities such as nuffnang. Or else try yourself to organize a small gathering for bloggers in your area.

Go to popular blogs that you know and "tarik" people from there to your blog too =)
Once enough people know you, support will come to you just as you need and you'll be on your way to blogger-stardom =D


Well okay guys, I hope these few "tips" (from a nub blogger) will help ya'll out. All the best!! and may we see you in PA3!!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions or projectalpha.ruumz.com/groups

A teeny weeny bit random friday =S

It was like any other clerkship week, hectic and tiring and got most of us worn out with overwork and lack of sleep come friday. We were planning to chill out friday night by headin over to Zouk's new cafe at gardens for a "drink". Somehow after some last minute calls and sms-es that plan got dumped and decided to go for shisha at a mamak at Bukit Jalil instead.

So I went over cheras to pick up some of them and called up cicak when I reached. At that time I got to know that Kwong fei's car battery died and some of them (includin charlene)were over at the Angkasa Condo parking lot tryin to jump start/jump charge (watever the term) the car.

So me and the guys decided to go and busybody abit =D Walked up to the 5th floor parking lot (cuz waitin for the lift is such a bitch) and i started calling out for cicak loudly.. and then suddenly i noticed Wilfred (or some1 who looked like him) standing by the railings and looking out. So Mahmood called out his name and the dude turned and it was Fred!!! and this is what he wore *points to the picture below*
ROFL.. that blurry dude next to Fred was jivan running to "save" him frm watever he was tryin to do....
Well, we knew he wasn gonna do anything like what we "assumed" he was doing but with the shirt he was wearing and that quiet and emo setting at that empty n chilly parking lot made us laugh and overreact! (made fun of him a lil =S)

So then he tagged along with us and we walked over to KF's car which was up and running by now. There were few more people there and with a bit of persuasion we all headed down to shisha =) (from an inital 3 people to a new 7 =D)

Reached d mamak n suddenly KH came (although i thought he wouldn). Tried to call TMY but i kena marah =.= (work life really makes people very volatile =S)

Had a fun night talking cock n fooling around, just what we needed to cool down after another hectic week. (KH included, though he looked like sleep would have been a better option at that time)

Now, on the drive back to drop my classmates off at cheras there was this idiot who did an U-turn right when I was driving pretty fast along the road and his freggin car was full with family members =.= Lucky for him (and us) i was pretty quick at slowing my car down.... O well, every now and then we'll find such r$tards on the road....

Back to reality... reports n reports.. assignments... next week is the last week of clerkchip... going to my fav ward (psychiatry ward).. heh.. planning to do a pre-psych ward blog entry, stay tuned =D

No Sweat!

Sweat is generally considered to be something of a nuisance to the majority. It brings about bad odor, stuffy feelings, that "unclean" feeling (mumbles randomly a bit more).... well u get the picture, basically a very discomforting feeling. I would agree to that but only to a certain extent.

Why i dislike it?
Its cuz of of the heatwave (nothin new here, everyone hates the sun now). Try stepping outside for several minutes at midday and you can literally feel the heat burnin away ur skin even if u're not under direct sunlight!!!
I mean, this dude is out there to get us!!

Cuz we didn look after our "home" well... Serves us right
So people!! Repent now!! save ur earth... before we end up like this

Uh, running off topic. But anyways I hate it when it feels like this...

So at times like these (the heatwaves, during that very important meeting, that college prom, that date with someone special.. and all these moments that you DO NOT need/want to sweat) there's always this thing here to keep you in the game =D

However, I love sweating under certain circumstances. Like during/after sports, this might sound wrong but its totaly a "rush" to me =S Haha... Well, it feels like all the stress, all the "craps" (toxins etc), all the laziness (when u sit on ur bum all day/week/plz dun stay bummed more than a week =.=) being squeezed outta my system. It makes me feel errr.... "filtered"?? heheh... I mean just look at these... Especially the second picture, that "face" says it all =D
Heh, peace out peeps (gang sign here)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

I'm Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Well, if I mention Gatsby to you what will pop up in your head?? Prolly one of those hair products like their hair wax series, hair clay series, hair gel series and such. Personally, I myself use the Gatsby hair gel after quite a period of testing various other gells. This one right here...

And when it comes to gatsby, who can ever forget this commercial??


Right now they are having a street fair to promote their new line of product like this one here called the "Deodorant roll-on type"

Where is it??
Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

When is it?
17th April 2010

And how long??
10am till 5pm

Now you'll be thinking, why should you go for a lame street fair (which isnt gonna be lame)?? cuz...
Heres why..
1. You get to meet people
(and by that i mean cuci mata) just imagine ppl like these coming..

he prolly wont walk around topless but still...

2. You get to chill out (those working and studying ppl, a breather like this helps)
3. You get to see me (i think this is the best reason yet =S)
heh, thats me.. no, really thats me...

4. You get to have a look at the new gatsby products and possible buy some of em for discounted prices (if got discount la)
I have no idea what i was tryin to prove with this edit of mine....

5. Theres gonna be a lucky draw with stuff valued up to RM15,000!!! (this is the next best reason after being able to meet me :D)

6. Theres gonna be many fun-fair type of games.
Like that sumo wrestling in air bags (nt sure if the pic below is the same thing)
and gladiator games.
i just love my "editing skills" =S

So.. theres gonna be chicks/hunks (choose based on your preference), chillout time, stuff to win, games to play, new gatsby product and ME
!!! plus more things which you'll only find when you go there!

So yeah... you guys better be there.....

Incase you wanna get more info bout this fair, please head on to this link

Kecik kicik chillie paddy

Have you ever come across clips on you tube where very young children play amazing music on instruments? Some of em clips will simply get u jawdropped-cuz-them-kids-are-beyond-awesoooome.

Talkin about jaw-drops, no one does it any better than this guy here =)

Some call em stars, some call em talented, some call them prodigies, miracle and heck some people call em aliens cuz they are so fregging good at such a young age. Whatever others might call them, i rather watch them play for inspiration. Seeing such beautiful music played with those little hand just gives me the push i need at times =) Especially to remind me every now and then not to neglect my neglected effort at some things... like studying....

I got here vids from 3 of them kids for you guys to watch. Enjoy and be awe-ed =)

And this kid, is simply cute...

You cant help but to Photobucket these kids =)

Thick headed? Stuck up? Selfish? You tell me...

I decided to print up my report in the library today since there was quite a number of pages and so headed there after lunch to wait in the usual long-time-length-to-wait queue. There was this bunch of students using two comps to print out survey forms when i arrived. (yes, whole stack of papers being printed while people were waitin for turn behind)

And the one in front of me was one of them and took her own sweet time printing it like ten-page a time or so and then turning the page over to print on the other side. (Note: the printer doesn do auto double side prints and prints slower than the other library printers)

So i waited.....

and waited.......

waiting................ (at this point they shifted to the printer i was waiting for)

still waiting............


Somehow they didn seem to realise that I've been waitin for about 45 minutes (at least!! cuz i didn really keep time). Even my classmate who came after me started his print job.

I went over and asked (in a louder-and-angrier than usual voice)

ME: How much more??

Guy A: *points at the stack of paper*

ME: And how long is that gonna take!? How long more am i supposed to wait?!!

Girl A: We still not done yet, still got alot more. Can u use another comp? *pointing to the other 2 printers to which there was a steady queue*

ME: *gets more angry* You think they are gonna let me cut queue? Or am I supposed to go back at 5 cuz i have to wait till you guys are done?!!

Girl A: *annoyed look* ok ok, wait a little while...

Then, Girl B comes over from distributing some of the surveys and Girl A fills her in.

Girl B: Hi, excuse me but do you wanna print??

*vein pops in my head, and think to myself "like DUHH woman???!!"*
ME: (speaking very sarcastically and a little louder than usual but NOT so loud to be considered offensive *u ppl can ask my classmate who was there or any1 who saw wat happened* OF course i wanna print, what u think ive bee..... Girl B cuts me off

Girl B: plz dont raise ur voice to me!! *she was actually speaking louder than me*

Me: This is nowhere to raising my voice, u've don't know my voice when its raised *all the while trying to be clam while controlling my anger*

Girl B: Dont raise ur voice to me mister, *starts jabbering away and i lost interest in listening*

At this point I thought to myself, this are people who think the world actually revolves around them. That they dont have to think that some other people have waited so long already when they have better things to do at that time (like finishing reports, preparing presentations or getting a shut eye) They are so bloody thick headed that they can hog the printer for so long till they get their own work done not even having the slightest courtesy to think that they might have used it for too long.

And I decided *since i've come across such people before* that there is no point in arguing any longer cuz the other party wont give in even if they are so obviously at fault. She then turned over to her friends and started complaining that she hates being *talked to in a loud voice* in a loud voice, puffing herself to show frustration. My classmate was shaking his head at this point..

ME?? I was like. Yea, go and put on ur show bitch.

If you bark at a dog it'll keep barking back at ya. Turn n walk away, if the dog is still not bright and continues to bark on it'll get a very good how-to-shut-up lesson. Apparently this one was smart enough to stop...

What you people think??!! Honestly? Or was it I that was wrong to butt in and ask for the printer before they finished ???

Oh ya, forgot to add this. Once i finally got my hands on the printer, tht thing started giving problems and i wasted another 5 - 10 mins =S heh...

Random Pics again

These are taken with my SE W660i and hence the quality is horrible =S But wth, i love em sunsets/sunrises/skies etc =)
took this one morning on a hill with d panorama mode long long time ago =S



cloudy days are good

But its so freggin hot nowdays (tulah! dun take care of ur earth now padan muka). I swear my hp camera lens melted a lil when i took this one =S
Heh, enjoy... back to reports n procrastinating now...

Tribute to BEP.. or not.. heh

BEP song title compilation (credits to shah, khee hsien, tmy and ck)

so it starts
"Imma be", Why Don't you "meet me half way" so we can "Boom Boom Pow" and Baby "Where is the Love" cuz then I can say "Lets get it started", so come on now just "bend your back" and i'll keep "bringing it back" always "bridging the gaps" going "Hey mama" "Hands up" and "Let me feel" "Positivityyyyyyy" and when it ends just "shut-up" and "Tell your mama come" for "More"

Who knew BEP were so obscene with their collection song titles... There is more you can do with the whole list, imma stop here cuz its time to sleep and i cant think no more.

P.s> This was meant only as a joke so yea, take it easy =)

It Has Begun!!

This will be a short one =)
Clinical Clerkship II starts tomorrow for the benefit of those who might not know it is where we will go for ward rounds (like how u see in shows like scrubs where a group of docs + student docs + pharmacists + student pharmacist + whoever else goes around d ward checking patients) and also where we get asked questions consisting of stuff that we have learned over the past four years.

This was a picture of the last clerkship we had =) (we didn do ward rounds back then =S, and the masks were on cuz of H1N1)

Its friggin stressfull cuz there will be other students from other institutes not to mention the doctors plus the fact that I (and i guess many other classmates) might not quite know the asnwers for d questions (CUZ ITS STUFF OF 4 FREGGIN YEARS OVER few HOURS). How to prepare!!!? What to study? what will they ask? What to memorize? What will happen if i don have an answer??!!
And yet i am here blogging.. lol =D

Also the fact that we will have cases to clerk (report) presentations due every week, certain extra topics to present, readings and memorizing to name a few stuff we'll do which literally means average sleeping hours will be reduced significantly. Yeah and clerkship period comes along with presentation of symptoms such as eye bags, weight loss (to some), fatigue (to many) and many more related symptoms.

But hey, its gonna be an experience of what life would be like out there for us. So lets get done with it! Get it done right!! And while at it lets have some fun =)

In the words of the Legen-wait-for-it-dary Awesome Barney (if u dont know who he is, please watch "how i met your mother'=D)

Lets Suit up!!!!
(sorry for d horrible picture... couldn get anything nice to start with)