Kecik kicik chillie paddy

Have you ever come across clips on you tube where very young children play amazing music on instruments? Some of em clips will simply get u jawdropped-cuz-them-kids-are-beyond-awesoooome.

Talkin about jaw-drops, no one does it any better than this guy here =)

Some call em stars, some call em talented, some call them prodigies, miracle and heck some people call em aliens cuz they are so fregging good at such a young age. Whatever others might call them, i rather watch them play for inspiration. Seeing such beautiful music played with those little hand just gives me the push i need at times =) Especially to remind me every now and then not to neglect my neglected effort at some things... like studying....

I got here vids from 3 of them kids for you guys to watch. Enjoy and be awe-ed =)

And this kid, is simply cute...

You cant help but to Photobucket these kids =)


Lizquek said...

Lmao! I sooo miss watching the mask!!