It howls..

Those of have seen even a single season here speak of it in awe, tales told are sure strike fear in those virgin to these lands.

Some spoke of howling winds which screams in your very ears. Others say even the sun feared to show itself for days. The sky they said refused to stop as it cried its heart out. At times the skies would rage and lash out fiercely and when it grew weary it would weep quietly.

Such were the stories I heard so far and now it seems that it has finally begun to sneak up over the horizon to show itself again to the newcomers and old ones alike.

I could hear the hows now, I could hear it since dawn... I know its here now and I hope I am ready for it... Monsoon season!

(p.s - this is a very weak attempt i know )


This does not quite count as an update =)

Tot of typing sth out just for the sake of doin it *i rephrased that from what a friend said*

Why? cuz I am being random with no reason =)

Or at least I am trying to...

One thing for sure is that this is a total waste of time for you who reads and me who types...

So yeah, peace out =P

First round up!!

Blardy hell.. seems like blogger is messing wit my word template =.=

So, its been two months at work so far and i'm finishing my first rotation over at Outpatient Pharmacy Dept (ACC's OPD for those who know what it means =D) I'm not gonna bore people with what I learned n shit now (well, maybe jz a lil). I was blur like a bad copy of pirated vcd when I first got here and now I guess I've learnt quite a bit though there is still shitload of things to learn yet.

Meet weird patients, made awkward mistakes .I never was quite the detail freak when it comes to stuff like these so I'll simply pass elaborating more. That is until I suddenly recall shit and decide to share it out =P

And yeah I totaly clowned about while doing work (still while maintaining a profesional standard as a Healthcare Professional) =)

hmm... kinda lost my train of thoughts to blog... gahh... till next time.. peace out =)

Piiiichaaaar !

Hellow blog =)

This is a quite late, heh. I have some pictures of my previous "spot-in-teh-living-room" before I moved in to my new place.
These are about almost my entire belongings here in KT
that's hw guys roll =D

And this was my bed back there

A better view of my "bedroom" =)
Had a balcony with sweet views of clouds, buildings, a wee bit of the sea and constant au-natural air conditioning =D

And this was after i packed up to move out =)

On another note, on the second weekend here in KT we went over to KB to visit some friends. On the way back we met these guys =)

Now this was a picture next to an elevator in a hotel at KT we came for a farewell-supper once...

As for my new place, its a rather small room which in my opinion is enough for a guy like me (hope i wont be proven wrong at this =P). Will get pictures of me new room on the next post.
peace out!!


Hallo blog!! This is turning out to be something that I didn't want to. My blog that is, as I wanted it not to be an online diary kinda thingy where I write bout my daily happenins =S However, seeing that I am in new lands and about with new "Adventures" I kinda feel that I can forgive myself =D

Anywhoo, I finally moved in to my own room =) Parasiting period is over and its now on to me next to-do-thing on the list which is getting my own ride.. Took some pictures of my previous living room leech-site but I am currently unable to transfer em to my pc =S I'll load em up as soon as I get to do so.

Till then.. peace out *shows some self conjured kt gang sign*