First round up!!

Blardy hell.. seems like blogger is messing wit my word template =.=

So, its been two months at work so far and i'm finishing my first rotation over at Outpatient Pharmacy Dept (ACC's OPD for those who know what it means =D) I'm not gonna bore people with what I learned n shit now (well, maybe jz a lil). I was blur like a bad copy of pirated vcd when I first got here and now I guess I've learnt quite a bit though there is still shitload of things to learn yet.

Meet weird patients, made awkward mistakes .I never was quite the detail freak when it comes to stuff like these so I'll simply pass elaborating more. That is until I suddenly recall shit and decide to share it out =P

And yeah I totaly clowned about while doing work (still while maintaining a profesional standard as a Healthcare Professional) =)

hmm... kinda lost my train of thoughts to blog... gahh... till next time.. peace out =)