Test attempt 1

hmm... wonder if this will turn out ok ;S
tryin to blog wit a phone that is...

The other day i saw an old guy in his sarung and wit no top running across the running road chasing aft a dog while barking at it... that was like at one am... rofl

**post has been edited**

Okay... so to the 4th time??

Its been quite some eh, and by now the little readers i had prolly have stopped visitin. Oh well, i'm pretty good at startin over right now, heh. In fact, I had a real big start over recently, and that will pretty much be most of this entry. And sorry there will be no pictures =S

Anyways, after bumming around for so-long-a-time I finally got news of my job posting and oh what a news it was. I was posted to Terengganu!!!! Naturally I freaked out much and thought seriously of appealing to get back to KL. But after much thought and some research on the appeal process I decided against it cuz somehow the success rate was too low. There was much drama before I could report in cuz much of the horrible "red tape" nonsense. (to put it lightly, heh)

I am currently parasit-ing at the house of my seniors, so yea I owe them alot. Of course to Chun Wei who was also from UCSI and as well as Chui Wei who freakin drove me the whole day when I came to report in and the former who has been drivin me since. Met some new people here, seen some old ones around and pretty much people here have been quite warm and welcoming.

To be exact, I'm at Kuala Terengganu which is like the main city here and yet is so much less busy compared to KL. One thing though, back in KL if you happened to look at another u get a stare as though you're some freak who is gonna murder them or-do-watever-other-baaad-things, but people here smile (simply makes one feel better)!!! Traffic here is quite okay, but was pretty bad during the past Raya period. Rent and food and other stuff are all around KL price =S so there goes the thought of saving money here. Except for petrol, cuz this place is just so small and the lighter traffic is just simply petrol friendly. (I dun have a ride here though =S)

Its been about two weeks but I was busy with activities which in majority consists of makan sessions with others from the hospital. A road trip to Kota Bahru, ball games, bazaar visit, mooncake festival visit, hunting for a room to rent, an injured PC owed to the transport here and workin of course, are like most of things I can recall right now, heh.

The net was down in my seniors' house up till today so that explains this late entry. I'll try to be back with fresh updates whenever possible =D (i.e. I hope I wont let the blog die again prematurely =P)