Tribute to BEP.. or not.. heh

BEP song title compilation (credits to shah, khee hsien, tmy and ck)

so it starts
"Imma be", Why Don't you "meet me half way" so we can "Boom Boom Pow" and Baby "Where is the Love" cuz then I can say "Lets get it started", so come on now just "bend your back" and i'll keep "bringing it back" always "bridging the gaps" going "Hey mama" "Hands up" and "Let me feel" "Positivityyyyyyy" and when it ends just "shut-up" and "Tell your mama come" for "More"

Who knew BEP were so obscene with their collection song titles... There is more you can do with the whole list, imma stop here cuz its time to sleep and i cant think no more.

P.s> This was meant only as a joke so yea, take it easy =)


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wooootzzz.. good one~ hahahaha... seems like u are BEP big fans lo~