It Has Begun!!

This will be a short one =)
Clinical Clerkship II starts tomorrow for the benefit of those who might not know it is where we will go for ward rounds (like how u see in shows like scrubs where a group of docs + student docs + pharmacists + student pharmacist + whoever else goes around d ward checking patients) and also where we get asked questions consisting of stuff that we have learned over the past four years.

This was a picture of the last clerkship we had =) (we didn do ward rounds back then =S, and the masks were on cuz of H1N1)

Its friggin stressfull cuz there will be other students from other institutes not to mention the doctors plus the fact that I (and i guess many other classmates) might not quite know the asnwers for d questions (CUZ ITS STUFF OF 4 FREGGIN YEARS OVER few HOURS). How to prepare!!!? What to study? what will they ask? What to memorize? What will happen if i don have an answer??!!
And yet i am here blogging.. lol =D

Also the fact that we will have cases to clerk (report) presentations due every week, certain extra topics to present, readings and memorizing to name a few stuff we'll do which literally means average sleeping hours will be reduced significantly. Yeah and clerkship period comes along with presentation of symptoms such as eye bags, weight loss (to some), fatigue (to many) and many more related symptoms.

But hey, its gonna be an experience of what life would be like out there for us. So lets get done with it! Get it done right!! And while at it lets have some fun =)

In the words of the Legen-wait-for-it-dary Awesome Barney (if u dont know who he is, please watch "how i met your mother'=D)

Lets Suit up!!!!
(sorry for d horrible picture... couldn get anything nice to start with)


nick said...

nice post =)
good luck on the final sem ya,work your ass off for it and get rewarded in the end ya

ps:shouldn't u be suiting up,so u shud put ur head on the suit,haha

FatLady said...

suit up!
nice blog, i love HIMYM, i can't wait for the next season.