A teeny weeny bit random friday =S

It was like any other clerkship week, hectic and tiring and got most of us worn out with overwork and lack of sleep come friday. We were planning to chill out friday night by headin over to Zouk's new cafe at gardens for a "drink". Somehow after some last minute calls and sms-es that plan got dumped and decided to go for shisha at a mamak at Bukit Jalil instead.

So I went over cheras to pick up some of them and called up cicak when I reached. At that time I got to know that Kwong fei's car battery died and some of them (includin charlene)were over at the Angkasa Condo parking lot tryin to jump start/jump charge (watever the term) the car.

So me and the guys decided to go and busybody abit =D Walked up to the 5th floor parking lot (cuz waitin for the lift is such a bitch) and i started calling out for cicak loudly.. and then suddenly i noticed Wilfred (or some1 who looked like him) standing by the railings and looking out. So Mahmood called out his name and the dude turned and it was Fred!!! and this is what he wore *points to the picture below*
ROFL.. that blurry dude next to Fred was jivan running to "save" him frm watever he was tryin to do....
Well, we knew he wasn gonna do anything like what we "assumed" he was doing but with the shirt he was wearing and that quiet and emo setting at that empty n chilly parking lot made us laugh and overreact! (made fun of him a lil =S)

So then he tagged along with us and we walked over to KF's car which was up and running by now. There were few more people there and with a bit of persuasion we all headed down to shisha =) (from an inital 3 people to a new 7 =D)

Reached d mamak n suddenly KH came (although i thought he wouldn). Tried to call TMY but i kena marah =.= (work life really makes people very volatile =S)

Had a fun night talking cock n fooling around, just what we needed to cool down after another hectic week. (KH included, though he looked like sleep would have been a better option at that time)

Now, on the drive back to drop my classmates off at cheras there was this idiot who did an U-turn right when I was driving pretty fast along the road and his freggin car was full with family members =.= Lucky for him (and us) i was pretty quick at slowing my car down.... O well, every now and then we'll find such r$tards on the road....

Back to reality... reports n reports.. assignments... next week is the last week of clerkchip... going to my fav ward (psychiatry ward).. heh.. planning to do a pre-psych ward blog entry, stay tuned =D


KwOnG FeI said...

lol..what did wilfred do there?
i thought u guys have an appointment earlier