They were black and white

Got to start something that I've wanted to try for far too long. I know all the too well that I mostly wont be into it as much in the times to come, same old, same old. Though it wont be as much as a slack as the same old used to be, I know that too. I'm improving =)

Things have been light the past two days, for no apparent reason. One that I can see by the least. I welcome it, and a little part of me hopes it stays so even as my logical side of the head keeps yelling that it wont last. But hey, no harm in reaping the best out of it yeah =)

Abit to the emo side now (already??). Racial tension seems to be showing itself more to me the past few days as well. I know that it is nothing new or that the situation did not just suddenly escalate. Only that I've been more perceptive towards it recently.
And as usual I think its a big load of cockroach droppings...
Cuz people as people are and always have been will love to put crap on others who are different exteriorly and I personally belief that they do so because them tards are so insecure inside that beating down others to shame makes them feel worth something.

Meh, I m not bothered... I dont giv a damn bout these tards... Let Karma (yin yang or watever other term u can think of) play its part... cuz bitches, what goes around, comes around... don't buy it??? try it... cuz I know how it can soak you up good =)