Wish everyone un-attached a very happy single awareness day!!
As for those already in relationships, well... I hope you have fun too =P

Show some love people.. this world soooo needs some.
Smile at random, let ppl know u can be a little crazy.
And yet that crazy act you did probably made someone feel better.

For them haters, well.... They love to hate... For their sakes... I hope hate does not love them as much...

For some of them weeping in a corner of their rooms, crying under the blanket to sleep and other practicers of self loathing. People, you have my sympathy. I hope you get well soon, if you don't please get well later or go find help.. cuz its out there.

Party hard! Go live life! Drive for no reason! Stare at the beach! Look up at the stars from a hilltop behind your house!

okay.. imma retire... gotta let me wirings rest before work =)