My Favourite Sport

I saw this week's topic and loved it =D Sports is something that I really love and cant really go on too long without (yea, I actually get withdrawal symptoms for not playing sports... symptoms include cravings, stiffening of muscles, lethargy, and cravings to play). If I don't go on and sweat the crap out playing one game or two, getting injured here and there, chillin out with other guys who often play together I just feel like I lost a part of me *emo*

So anyways, what sport?? I play quite a lot of stuff if I get the chance... Football (once in a very very blue moon), futsall, table tennis, badminton, some other random sports aaaannnnd Basketball!!! I just freggin love bouncing balls *heh, that sounded wrong* I am just average at it but still I totaly *heart* Basketball!!! I love it!! L-o-v-e it!!! (I think you guys got d point =D)

This game really demands a lot of stamina, and speed, and strength, and teamwork, and concentration and... bla bla bla... =D Basketball is also a pretty rough game, there is alot of aggressive play in most games played. Trying to steal possession, or hold a drive in, or smack the shit outta a shot ball to avoid it from entering, clashing with each other trying to get rebounds, running into someone else cuz u cant stop in time =S And I have inflicted much injuries to my joints and muscles (yea, its gonna come back n bitch me once i grow old) but it was all WORTH it!! Heh, jz take a look at these pics =)

And when its basketball, everyone knows about dunking!!
Photobucket EPIC!!

(all pictures are from google image search)
and *wait for it*
Photobucket EPIC-EST XXD
heh, no people i cant really slam, this was taken at my friend's place (his basketball rim is short enough for me to do that =D)

And shah gave me this link the other day... just have a look guys =)

Oh yea, if you play sports... you gonna need some of these stuff =)
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Rose said...

your an athletic guy :D u bet, me too! i love sports basketball and volleyball, i often play badminton too :D

Supia Chao said...

I see Kobe Bryan and Tracy McGrady. Miss NBA so much..

but, why the font is so small?

Lizquek said...

Ahh tat explains y ur so freakin tall. Lol!

Elaine New said...

the only sport i do is jog. HAHA! which i duno is considered as a sport or not. so i din bother 2 do this week's entry. haha.

Allison said...

hahaha so u r basketball guy! nice meeting u today. :)

Rajes said...

@rose: that's the way lah!

@supia: err, i fogot to enlarge the font. U NBA fan ka?

@Liz: Using my height for a good cause =D

@elaine: Lol! No harm trying what. Just do it oni next time =D

@allison: yea, nice talkin to u yoo=)

lin said...