Me 1st pay =)

This fella came in the mail last friday =D Heh, my first official cheque from Nuffnang. Since it seems like a ritual for every nuffnangers to post up their first pay, i decided to honor the tradition..

on an unrelated note... This is my classmate fooling around one day when we were waitin for our survey photocopies =S (yeah guys, its KP and me at school of music playing "PEPI" in B major)

On another unrelated note.. I m pretty sure many of you nuffnangers got an email about the current clicking activity in blogsphere. In light of preserving our own sakes as well as those who are paying us (i mean nuffnang by that), i request fellow bloggers to only click the adds which appear in my blog if they are interested in it and not with any other intentions. I shall do the same for other bloggers I visit.
May we all continue to reap the benefits from nuffnang =D
p/s: i'll post up a disclaimer on this soon


Nikel Khor said... great..get paid ady

Supia Chao said...

Congrats on your first pay, i still havent get mine yet.. ><

Rajes said...

thnx guys =) and don't worry... it'll eventually be ur turn =D