Been quite a season of goodbyes. Emotions running so high that it seems to engulf and drown people. Its unfortunate that partings take place. However, that's just the way the book of what you call your life is written. Its pages are filled with heartbreaks and goodbyes. It's only a goodbye, and it doesn't have to be for eternity unless anyone lets it be so. Though the bond that once was may not be there any more, it can be kept from severing completely.

Wipe away the tear of seeing that someone go, and instead carve a smile for this new direction your tie takes. Make yourself a promise that what bond that was nurtured will not be left to rot and die. Its not the complete end, Its just another beginning.

I wish you the very best in the journey that now separates paths with mine. May we be blessed with a chance to cross again sometime. And the lord has my thanks, for I had the fortune to meet one like you. Take care.