Became a little suffocating to look for that which was lost. And then you wonder, why look for it at all? Was it because of the comfort, or the security or the way it used to fulfill the image that you thought was appropriate for the time? A fatal flaw was made when the quest to look for it began. Its simply because it was not missing to start with, but because its already gone. Its not anywhere out there to be found again, its nowhere. Just like the dreams that you wished never ended, just to find yourself awaken abit too soon. It is gone, learn that.

What comes next is of more importance. There lies exactly what anyone needs to be as close if not live one of those dreams that we long to slumber on with. Go on, let go of the things of old. But before what comes next is now itself. Don't fail to see as u let yourself get obscured by what was. Go on, there lies your dream. Right here.