Stripped and Bare

Not about the furs, the leathers, the brands or the labels.
Not even about the make up, the hairdo or any accessories.
Not about acting up a character which is not true.
Not about changing not for the better but to fit in comfortably.
Not for what the rest would say or think.

I could go on with that for a little more.
But I think you get what I mean.
I hope the message went through.

Take it all off, wash away all that paint.
Let me see you.
For what you really are.
That's all I am asking.
If what I see then is pure.
In return, I swear my all.

But I'm no idiot too.
Put some of it back on.
Just to an end you need to meet.
Cuz this world we live in.
Wont leave you be otherwise.

Don't worry too much then.
That little is all you need now.
Cuz you will have me for the rest.