Came across several people doing ratings on various things ranging from movies, books, songs to whatever else under the blue sky. And I was like, I wanna do a rating too. Cuz erm, I just want to. And so it was decided a second later that my rate will be on "whatever"

Doesn't really matter to me if it does not make any sense. However, if it really did not then I may have achieved in.... er... nothing.... hmmm. No, I m not drunk nor am I high on pills or anything else of that sort.

So yes, I rate watever 9/10. Because it is just that awesome.

Imagine when you are in a situation where there is simply too many choices. Just go whatever and pick one by random.

What if you happened to come across retards who mock about what you wear, eat, look like, the color of your skin, race or anything insulting. Just take a deep breath, say whatever lah and just keep going about your business. Or if u think u are up for it, bash the living hell outta him/her/them/it (No please don't do this, I m an advocate of peace)

Then there this annoying/fun way of saying whatever. E.G. whutever *fingers pointing and rolling*, whuuteverrrr *eyes-rolling* (yeah i think you get my point) That itlsef is just so whatever wei...

Well, I can actually go on and on about this but I am in a whatever mood myself so Imma stop right here.



sugarmouse said...

lol, yeah. i give "whatever" a 10/10.

although i hate when people answer me with that. (especially boyfriends) because it's just an indication that they're too lazy to bother with you.

what didn't you get about the "perfect echo" part in my post? lol. anyway, it's okay. just some dumb imagery. it's hard to put logic into the things i write coz i write them without :P

good of you to comment.

coincidentally, i was just wondering about you earlier today. nothing too groundbreaking. just wondered how you were/are. (:


sugarmouse said...

how can it be echoey but not over-echoey? the same way your ice-cream can be sweet but not SUPER DIABETICALLY sweet. the same way your maggi goreng can be spicy but not SUICIDAL omg-i-can't-feel-my-tongue-anymore spicy. the way how everything can be just the way they are but not over-the-top and not below par... simply just right.

that's what i meant.