Good evening and welcome I address myself to this lil freaky virtual wall on which I am about to type out random stuff.

Its always a breath of fresh air when there is change of scenes and I find that its like a booster dose of "lift me up". Maybe that's why people say one has to go on a holiday to refresh that energy. I actually thought that was more of an excuse to laze from work and get oneself time to play. Or perhaps its a bit of both.

Imma take a short few lines here to express my condolences to the Japanese on the recent mishap. I shall include them in my prayers. And perhaps do a little more than that.

Shit happens, whatever the magnitude. But we as men are made to stand back up tall from the ashes of despair. For we are the best personification of phoenix that can ever be. So its okay if u must be sorrow now as humans do. Let not sorrow be you, for that marks the end.

And a note to those who are insensitive in the ails which others have the misfortune to experience. I say please oh please put yourself in their shoes. Or maybe you just pretend not to care which is not enough consolation (telling that last part to myself as well =P). It is even okay if it doesnt move you, another's ill times. Just please don't make intended fun or mockery out of it.
Not just cuz karma will find you for it, but hey.... have a <3