That which pierces right through flesh, into the very core of one's soul. That stare that renders one frozen and bare. Knowing that those pair just saw them through for what one really is , and yet there was only traces of care that can be seen in return. Seeing the glint in them warms one up from the cold that haunts. That gives hope, there is still light. And it is still possible, for days to be merry.

Those eyes... where are they??


Anonymous said...

I can really relate with you... Do you still see the pair of eyes daily or wat?? I was in love with a gal just a few months back.. but she had left the place where I was working to work somewhr else... I was so disappointed.. I hope you get to meet the one you love soon...have you told her your feelings??

Arasi said...

Nice 1.. >winked<