Post Vacation Stress Disease (PVSD)

This is a very real condition. Known to affect almost the entire known human population. Unfortunately, there is no known effective treatment for it. But to help overcome the symptoms, one may try to take half day off works or indulge in planning for another trip. However that will come to the expense of having work pooled up which will then lead to the "i have too much to do" disease.

So I send this request to anyone who knows how to properly manage this condition. HELP MEE!!!!


Arasi said...

Hye Raj.. I'm here to help u..=)
Some tips from me..
~ share your post vacation excitement with your closed buddy
~ take care of your health after vacation like maintain sleep schedule,healthy diet, vitamins..all those stuff
~ eat fruits,seafood,chocolate to boost your performance
~boost your spirit by doing some fitness,exercise or shopping with friends..and spending 5 minutes in "artificial sun"'s enough to keep your tan and fight your apathy..
Quite many..isn't? Try n c meh =)

Rajes said...

Hahaha, your suggestions did cheer me up a lil. Some weird things you do to feel better.
I shall try out some that I find suitable for me, thnx!!

Arasi said...

Hehe, welcome. Just count on me and I'll cheer you up always on your side with this kind of weird yet cool things..^^