My Dream in The Year of The Tiger

Holla!! I am back! Due to an exciting event by Tiger in conjunction with the upcoming year of a tiger and being a tiger (my chinese zodiac), and some brain-washing by some friends =D

So, 1st up is small update bout myself. I am NO longer a CRAB as I decided to grow up (just a lil bit) a few months back.

"Tiger Run" is an event co-organized by Tiger Beer and Nuffnang this coming saturday, to participate we're required to blog about our dreams so here goes..
I don't really dwell in having dreams/missions/goals to achieve as a new year rolls in cuz I am more to just go with the flow kinda person (and the fact that each time I make one, I simply end up not fulfilling it =S).

It has been my "not-really-lifelong" dream to gain some weight cuz so far it has not been getting along with my above average height. I can be referred to as a "tall-walking-skeleton" =D I've tried unsuccessfully to gain weight so that's my first dream this tiger year.

I thought to myself, how would i look if i was meaty.... and Jackman crossed my mind. Yes yes, THIS jackman

And I busied myself with my monstrous picture editing skills. This was my raw material..

And this was the product...
I call it Rajackman =D

And i thought, let tiger have a go at it as well =)

I am pretty sure that the REAL jackman would go like this
if he ever bumps into this post =D

But hey, I was kinda having fun with it so heres another..

To achieve this, I believe I might need some professional help and that would really cost me =S ( A sexxay hot chick personal trainer maybe =D)
Heheh =D So hey, I think we can all safely conclude that I'd look alright if i had some meat =)

Since there's like Rm8888 involved... why not extend my dream to an Ipod-touch, a new phone (no i dont want an iphone) and perhaps to do some small scale renovations in the house ( i'm not well off so yeah that cash would do some good for the house =D)

Okay this is the end =D PICK ME FOR THE RUUUN =D
And help me fulfill my dreams =) (ps. throw me that 6 cans of beers also plz)


vkvun said...

good luck

ruebni said...

super duper lame and funny.hahahaha hugs!

lavinia said...

haha...awesome,bro!! damn funny,la you...if u ever turn into tht pic, u'll prob scare the shit out of me!!haha..i need to pinch to believe it...

Charlene said...

lame lame lame......n funny funny funny funny....i like tis..