My Back Up Plan would be ….

My back up plan would be to hang myself if my initial plans didn't turn out right.
Yea...n0, I wont =P

Now seriously, lets break it down and go one plan at a time shall we?? I'd like to find a suitable girl (cuz there is no PERFECT girl imo) fall in love (equivalent to getting myself into shitload of trouble), get married (even bigger shitload of trouble), have two kids (a boy and a girl ROFL) and live happily ever after.
If that fails "my back up plan would be" to turn gay adopt more gay kids and live gay-ly ever after =D

I'd like to be able to provide for my family (wifey, kids, parents, whoever else...) in meeting their needs and wants (although wants prolly will never get fulfilled).
If that fails
"my back up plan would be" to murder them all so there wont be any needs or wants to be fulfilled =)

My goal is also to leave my name in the history books for one reason or another. Perhaps i'll find a cure for some disease (well, I am a pharmacist after all), or maybe become some "mother theresa" like icon, or sacrifice myself to save live(s), or.. u get the idea.
Well if that fails
"my back up plan would be" is still to leave my name in the history books for the "another" reasons such as pulling off a mass murder, start a revolution that claims many lives, get into politics and pull off a major scam, or things of that sort.

Heh, well all of that is OBVIOUSLY not true of me. Random stuff that I conjured up because I was too bored.

Honestly? A small glimpse of my plans is that I want a family of my own, I want to take care of those who took care of me (parents mostly and others), I want to be successful in my career and as a person, I'd like to have some adventures once in awhile (of any sort, traveling, expedition, volunteer services etc..).

"my back up plan would be" to find another way to get my plans to work out, because I do not plan to fail. I might not reach the goals in manners that would be easy or as i planned, but I damn well will make sure they work out and I'll refuse to back down until they do =)

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by a "comment contest" to win tickets to watch "The Backup Plan" starring J-to-the-Lo =D by Nuffnang. Click here if you guys wanna find out more. And having said so, this entry was in no manner meant to offend or any living creature but myself =D