Okay so I gave up blogging (no surprises there) and now I am back to give it another shot.
I think by now its clear that my blogging has its own life cycle. With no determined interval of each phase.

Back again from hibernating, not driven by actual interest to write again but rather because of the complete lack of activity (also the fact that blogger aint blocked here) and literature inspiring boredom.

Much time only just lapsed, with me typing a word and deleting it being unable to string out a proper sentence from it. But that did lead me to type the last. I guess, right now I am living in the moment. Each and every nano-second of it. Without a goal (cuz i pretty much completed what I had to do today), except but to wait with so much anticipation to be back home.

Home to where I get to occupy my time with something real dear at present time. Something that will take control of a major part of my life in the near future. How long it will be, I don't know. What will come of it? I don't know. But I am glad I have, at least something to actually be excited more about. Been a while since such feelings were with me....