I can't respond well to that, especially from the opposite sex.
The moment I see that, my brain signals my entire body to go into a semi-shutdown mode. Imagine being stunned for a significant number of seconds, heart ponding like a drum against the walls of my chest, cold sweats, and chilled peripheries.

All the while conscience screaming at me to do the right thing. Give her a tissue, comfort her, put an arm around her or at least a mild pat on the back. But too bad my muscles are in solid state of fear.

When I do gain control, I am only able to give a tissue and words for comfort.

Why is this such an issue?? I realise now that at where I stand now at my job these things are not as rare as I would like them to be. And I should be able to do something immediately to help ease the pain.

Question is how?? I need help to give out help. And I must find a solution soon, for I refuse to allow myself be helpless at moments I should not....


roselle said...

When a women cries..,the best thing to do is just to hold and hug her.. and when you do that,you'd be the best,most understanding and the most comforting person ever....try it... may not be ideal to u(since ur a guy) bt for a girl,its the best...:-) all the best...!

Rajes said...

Hello roselle,
Thanks for a very good advice.

However I doubt I could do that in most cases. Its because doing that will breach breach my code of conduct.

In most cases they are strangers, clients that I meet at work you could say. Some may even disagree with such behaviour.

Roselle said...

i agree with u...;)my ideas were meant for someone special or a fren.. this method wud be good....:-) u seem like a nice guy...r u??

Rajes said...

haha.. I shouldn be the one tell others that I am nice right?? But if I must then I would say that I am kinda nice =)

roselle said...

hahaha....so im guessing u've been taken by some nice gal redi huh... ;) *wink*