One upon a crab...

So, since I cant quite figure out what to blog about I decided to do a flashback of my older posts (it'll be mostly jz graphic)
This was just some weeks into UCSI.Already monkeying around =)(for a good reason ok, i wasn't being truant)

Two fellows back in their younger days.I think this was at some boys brigade event.

Well, this car has been repainted now, and i finally know who drives it =)

Some random kid abandoned in Giant while his parents were shopping. Parents do this, then later say community not safe when their kid get's kidnapped...

Was messing around with my older CPU (which is dead now) My first time at handling hardware.

I don't even remember what this is already...

Hmm... I guess that is it, don't know where the other pictures went..


wan nah said...

i think that was a fire extinguisher...

Anonymous said...

yea, but why i took the pic i dun rem liao