Another crossroad

Looks around the empty deserted blog with its occasional passerby every now and then*Stretches while yawnin widely and cracks his joints*. "Its been a while" he thinks to himself. It was a while, been almost two months since he abandoned his blog again. (Lost count by now, was it 3 or 4 times?) He then walks up to a corner of his blog where he keeps them virtual fishes, takes a seat and starts dropping fish food.

While the fishes battle it out for a bite, he thinks to himself "what now?" Its been a long period, it was draining but all the same enlightening, and he wonders now "how do i start again?" Things are gonna change, the old ways wont do and changes must be made. For if its not made, he knows all too well enough by now that one who fails to adapt as time and place requires will be made to change to an end which would be less than pleasing.

His attention is suddenly caught by a fresh new breeze, one which he has not encountered previously and one that he does not understand. Excitement and joy strikes up as he realizes that a new journey now begins. "Lets serve this one up" he thinks to himself, and he might just do that this time....


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