Much love is present,
Where hate seemingly predominates;

Much wealth is about,
Where poverty claims lordship;

Much valor blazes aflame,
Where cowardice clouds the air;

Much wisdom resides,
Were illiteracy dwells;

Much freedom is present,
Where slavery dominates;

Much truth exists,
Where only lies are told;

In all that is about and that surrounds,
Everything that one experiences,
Or one perceives of another;

Be naught fate,
Naught fortune,
Naught destiny;
Naught even favor,
Nor the wrath of GODs,
That chooses what is or was;

Much as how one perceives,
Out of anything and everything,
That makes it be;

See much of what is needed,
And not of that which only troubles.

Ps: I quote one lecturer of mine, "Opin your eyes" =D


Lizquek said...

applause for the great work.. ;)

Lizquek said...

eh.. takde word verification wan?

Lizquek said...

nanti ade spams pulak..

Rajes said...

i thought "so fast got 3 comments, wtf?"
err, thnx for the compliment bt its nt great la =S