The Cup and randoms

It was friday (weekend in kt for the benefit of those who might not know) and we decided to head down for thai food for lunch and later on drop by Pulau Duyong where the Monsoon Cup is being held. As for those who might not know it is mainly a yacht racing competition consisting of worldwide participants along with some side attractions such as concerts, telematch-style games, food stalls, people all around... you get the picture. In case one wants to find out more, you can click here >> Monsoon cup.

I was kinda busy playing a game on a handheld so I wasn quite concentration on what was goin on =P
These pictures are courtesy of Hua loon =)


If any of u know azura who hosted in disney channel (thnx jai-me for the reminder) She happened to be an emcee at the race, and yes she was and still is hawt =D
A random picture of her from google image *points below*

On an unrelated note, the hospital where I work now had some1 figure out a new way to improve airflow in one of the toilets...
Somehow that person forgot/didn know that this method prevented people from doing their number 2s... lol

And a spider decided to snack on a dead insect in my room... Sorry for the picture quality though... I dont have a proper camera =S
Thats it for now... peace out yo =)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


gunsirit said...

Nice shots.. :)