It brings me back to when I and that around me was innocent, or so it seemed till I learnt to perceive things in ways not so innocent anymore.

Now I wonder, is all and everything about is infact shrewed and twisted?

Some wise men that I can vaguely recall often mention that equality lies in everything, though it be in different manners. Popularly known example I would say is the "yin and yang" concept.

But men as men are and has always been find it easier to find the company of misery and pain more pleasurable. I say this because it seems that sapians (myself included) rather whine, wail, nag, complain and keep going in such manner relentlessly.


Cause the world around us sees the ill in all, we pick it up subconsciously or otherwise?

I guess what one has to see is, when ur pencil goes blunt find a sharpener to sharpen it. Sharpener gets spoilt or not available then look for a knife or buy a new one or borrow it from someone or buy a mechanical pencil to avoid such troubles (dont forget to stock up on the refill leads) think a lil more and the "or's" will just keep poppin out.

I guess what one needs most is the will to seek for a how.....

For when there is willingness to look for answers, problems dissolve and solutions appear in abundance. Even if the following solution presents itself in a problem state....

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.... stop whining and start to bloody look for it!!

(p.s. I went a lil cuckoo when I typed this.. yeah... enjoy... peace)