Forensic Exam!!

Hello =)
And no I not trying to apply to be one of those CSIish people. The forensic exam is just a fancy name for the law paper that all provisionally registered pharmacists like myself have to sit for in order to qualify ourselves to be entitled for full registration once we finish our training year.

The exam itself was an interesting experience, cuz.... the power went out for like an hour!
Though it was a 3.5 hr paper, being law paper and as law usually is as law is that is to say law being twisted, turned, wound about, dance (instead of beat cuz i feel beat is not of the proper magnitude) around bush, go roun and roun circles or maybe even ovals, run back and fourth, go down under and surface up again...

Lost track of what I was talking about? well, that is law =)

And that is why you don't usually have the time to finish it. Oh, this is an open book test but that is no consolation.

So back to where the power went out, the exam officers or watever else one would call them hushed about making phone calls and walking in and out trying to somehow get power back so we can continue. It was all just to announce to us that the power was out for the whole area and that we had to wait for it =)

Then came out all the phones and apple junk (iphone, ipod.. no ipads.. etc) which was our attempt to have some light to carry on doing the paper as there was no guarantee that the time lost in waitin was to be compensated to us (which was semi true, they extended the exam by 30minutes).

As the minutes went by the officers came into the room with several torchlights which they placed about in the room to help give light. The environment was interesting, dimly lit room in the orange shade of the lights cast out by the torches with the occasional white lights from those of our gadget here n there.

Power came back eventually... and we raced for as much as we could to finish the paper.... I shall not comment on the paper itself but leave this post with the hope that it was not the papers that finished us instead =)