Kacang Lupakan Kulit

Last night I tagged along with my colleague to drop another off at the airport, before that we stopped by a mamak nearby for dinner. The place was packed and we didn't have any choice but to sit on a table directly in front of the cashier counter on which there was this old lady was already seated.

Moments after we were seated we noticed that old lady (who was directly next to me) trying to look at my tee (was wearing the Mc Olimpic run tee) and abruptly she asked me if I was an university student. And this was how the following conversation went
*I have translated the convo to english*

Lady: which uni are u from?

Me: errr, UCSI... Sedaya.... (why is she fidgeting about so much??)

Lady: Still studying??

Me: Nop, I've graduated. (she is freggin creeping me out)

Lady: Working?

Me: Yes. (plzzz stop talking to mee)

Lady: Where?

Me: Hospital Kt. (Y did I choose to sit here, damn!)

Lady: As what?

Me: Pharmacist. (I am afraiid... very afraiiid)

Lady: Oh, so u studied drugs?

Me: yeah. (pretend that you're watching the TV, she might give up)

Alvin: (my collegue) Dude is she "psy"??

Me: Perhaps (and she seems not to get the idea that I dont want to talk)

Lady: U have a girlfriend??

Me: huh!? (crap!! TELL HER U DO!!!)... yes I do

Lady: When gettin married?

Me: err, not sure

Lady: U're parents know?

Me: Yes. (If I had a gf, almost no one will know =P)
*Another colleague just joined the table after getting something from the car, alvin filled him in*

Hua loon: U wanna change place??

Me: Yes please!

Lady: They like her? (Still determined to keep talkin with me)

Me: Yes. (I doubt my parents would approve the kinda girls that I wanna bring home)

Next, the lady tarts ranting away about her sons and their lives and studies. I couldn't really und what exactly she was saying as she spoke in her thick Terengganu dialect and spoke very softly. But the gist of it seems like sons who didn't really bother about her after themselves having achieved in life. At some point I thought I heard her say that they look for her only when in trouble.

At that point the guys found a table and I kinda mumbled something about "srry" to her before grabbing my drink and moving a away to safety *phew*

The thing is, although I felt extremely awkward and abit fearfull (if she was a psy ptx, then god knows if she might suddenly snog me or wat) I did feel sad for her. The fact of matter is, she probably wouldn't be this way if she got the care and attention that she needed from her good-for-nothing-sons (she mentioned she had 6 of them). Or if she was indeed a psy patient, her goddamn sons should provide her better care than to leave her by herself. (Her clothes were old, she was unkept, and from what she was eating I guessed that the shop people gave it to her out of pity)

Seriously, to all those cock-heads out there who think they are waay better and that these old tards are nothing but trouble and burden I say just think about what you would feel if u were in their shoes. One day you will be in their shoes (when u fucks get old) and I hope to god that ur sons and daughters treat u like the piece of crap that you are. You wouldn't even be who you are now if it wasn for them....

On another note... just now during dinner some random guy came and shook my hand (this guy I am quite positive he is a psy patient) He later on went about jumping tables and getting shoo-ed away. Meh... there are few others like him who roam about the city around here... Wonder what's their story =S