Everyone is catching it. Its spreading out like wildfire. Sooner or later, YOU might too!! No one actually wants to stop it, prolly cuz its actually welcomed and who would want to resist it anyway? Though its not that new, it still almost never fails to strike up that feeling you get in your gut when it approaches you. Its not alone, it has its siblings so to say in a vague manner of speech.

When it hits, you slowly lose sense of reality. More and more often you will find yourself disorientated, in a dream of the time which will come. But it strikes up much joy, excitement and anticipation. You just can't wait! May cause many to lose interest in tasks currently at hand, and its my personal believe that it somehow leads to a decrease in productivity at work or other mundane things one does everyday.

I have a feeling that I am gonna catch it soon. I welcome it though, its been a while. I guess I should take this opportunity to reach out and spread my wishes to all who have, who will and are getting the fever too. Happy Chinese New Year =)