I aint literally stoned, but somehow the past few days that's how I seem to feel. Takes me longer to process stuff, stare nonsensically, heavy head and a lil more harder to perceive my surroundings.... Hmm, prolly the lack of entertainment... *shrugs*

Anyhow... Wonder why sometimes one shows something which is not of him or herself? Or only certain people do this?

And its always easier to give advise than to take advise, but does that make one a hypocrite?

In relation to the previous one, why is it easier to command than to do?

Cant really think much when you have to but when you dont have to you think too much?

Compulsive need to self sabotage?

Compulsive need to un-sabotage the self sabotagers?

Feeling kinda lost and random?? All over the place? A sneak peak into my stoned head....