Been meaning to blog for awhile now, but although the urge is there somehow there seems to be nothing to write about. Nothing interesting by the least. So i just decided to rant a lil, randomly over here.

Even random seems to have failed me.... Quite some minutes have passed by me staring at the screen wondering what's next...

Many have said this and now I am jumping in the bandwagon, sleep IS a luxury when you are working. Even more so when one is being insomniac for no apparent reason.

Weekends ARE a bliss, and weekends without work are awesome.

Laundry is no fun, a clean floor can really lift up moods.

Hairs are a bitch to sweep, no matter the length.

Quiet nights, chilly air with the slightest of sea breeze that traveled so far is such a welcome.

Would rather not hear the occasional motor vehicle pass by.....

I think this is enough, reaching pathological sadness =)



Lizquek said...

i feel ya... LOL!