Of being ill

I have not been one to be sick for long. Yes my nose does have serious issues with me, but that does not count. This is about being ill for longer than usual and more frequently too. I'm talking about having the need to take antibiotics! And I never take those things so far as I could help myself.

Why is this so?? Because of work? That is actually possible simply for the fact that the deadliest and most persistent of bugs are present where I work, the hospital. Pardon me if this comes as a surprise to any of you. But that is why is never advisable to bring children ESPECIALLY toddlers when visiting warded patients. This is supposed to be a place where bugs get eradicated you argue? Well, the fact that we use so much anti-infectives to fight those bugs is the reason why they are getting IMMUNE to them!!

So please!! For the love of yourself and everyone dear to you! Please don't go about taking antibiotics or other anti infectives without regard to consequences. And when the healthcare professionals tell you to FINISH the anti-infectives, we LITERALLY mean FINISH it!! Or else a day sooner than you expect will arise when our drugs will be useless...

Uh got sidetracked there, back to the main topic. Yeah me getting sick. Perhaps because I am exposed to certain drugs that bring down immunity?? Perhaps age is catching up?? This city is more polluted?? Funny how when I was an intern in another hospital this was not at all an issue to me, and that was only the past year.

Anyway, this was meant only as a rant... And I shall quit ranting now... =)


Rpselle said...

gud one on the hospital acquired diseases...totally agreed..:-) how r u now...?wat hapen..